• Dea Andrea Varone, MFA
    Interactive Media Professor • Brand Strategist • Graphic Designer

    I take a systematic approach to research a service or product to position the brand in the market place and collect detailed information about the target market. I will then organize the information into creative brief which is the tool that shapes the advertising for it. By providing insight what consumers think and want in a brand, the creative department of an agency is able to begin conceptualizing ads, and successful advertising campaigns emerge in the form of print, tv, web, billboards, social media, etc., that truly connects with the consumer.
    As an account planner, after the creative brief is written and presented, I will continue to interact with the creative department which includes, art directors, designers, and copywriters, and communicate the why the advertising will be effective to the client.
    As a professional individual, I will use my graphic design knowledge, teaching experience, artistic intuition, and strategic market research skills to attain a successful career.

    I look forward to working with you